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Counseling and Psychological Evaluations for Individuals Couples & Families

Couple Therapy Session

James Donaldson, PhD, Psychology Associate

One of my primary goals as a therapist is to create an affirming environment and atmosphere of safety, trust, and acceptance. I feel honored and privileged to work with client’s problems and concerns ranging from everyday stress to major life challenges. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them feel more empowered and prepared to face life’s challenges. I tailor emotion-focused, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral interventions to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. I am able to treat a wide variety of concerns and have approximately 9 years of experience in a variety of settings.

I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology and provide individual and couples therapy for adults in English and Spanish. I specialize in spirituality and religion, depression, stress/anxiety, emotional difficulties (difficulties managing, identifying, or expressing emotions), grief or loss of all kinds, relational and familial concerns, and identity-related concerns (gender identity, sexual orientation, and racial/ethnic identity). As a psychologist who strives to be culturally aware, I am intentional in creating a safe space for healing and have an affirming perspective toward all sexual, gender, and relationship identities. I am also able to provide a wide variety of psychological assessments and reports to provide more clarity regarding my client’s presenting concerns and offer several recommendations of future directions, with the overall intention to facilitate growth and achieve psychological wellness.