Ken Israel, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

I work with people with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety disorders, AD/HD, substance abuse and addiction, and navigating life’s transitions. I was trained using cognitive behavioral techniques-the idea that how I feel is affected by how I respond to the things that happen in my life. With help and practice we can become aware of how our responses can either help us heal or can add to our struggles. Mindfulness and forgiveness are approaches that I utilize.

My first professional job was at the University Counseling Services at Virginia Tech. Since then I have worked in private practice and for a large multi-specialty medical group. I have worked full-time as a therapist since 1985.

I am constantly inspired by the resilience and courage that I witness from the people who share their stories with me. These stories may involve a recent setback or a life-long issue. My first job is to listen well so that I understand what is important to you in therapy. I then utilize therapy techniques that are based on sound theory and verified by research. Therapy is a collaborative process – if a particular idea or technique isn’t working for you, speak up. The goal is for you to benefit from the process.



Ph.D. Psychology, Virginia Tech

BA  Psychology, University of Memphis


Internship : Knoxville, IA Veterans Administration Hospital


Special Populations: Individual psychotherapy with persons 18 and older, couple’s counseling